Science Magnified’s mission is to form partnerships and utilize STEM based programs, designed to empower and motivate our diverse youth! We strive to create fun, educational and relevant experiences increasing scientific literacy, understanding of our interconnected world, and developing skills to succeed in and out of school… and create a lifelong thirst for knowledge and harmony!

Our Mission

Science Magnified is committed to becoming the “change” we want to
see for

Our children, Ourselves, Our planet...
and Beyond!

How would you like to magnify your students’ STEM literacy?

  • We can have customized programs, delivered right to your students! Having worked with over a million students, our science specialists will transform your classroom into a living laboratory!
  • Fun, hands-on programming that will increase your student’s love for learning, turning your school into a Junior Scientist Academy!

so together, we can bring your vision to life!

For Schools &
School Districts

For Educational Organizations

Are you a company or organization that provides engaging
educational services for early childhood or primary students?

Are you looking to magnify your program’s impact?

Science Magnified is always looking for the best resources to connect with schools!

Of Our Programs

Science Magnified programs motivate children to learn by providing fun,
culturally relevant experiences.

  • Increase confidence by teaching children how to problem solve.
  • Increase scientific literacy, preparing youth for life success in and out of school!
  • Help for Teachers! Includes professional development for teachers, and we do all of the preparation and instruction! (Yes, even the teachers get to play).
  • Balance the Educational Ecosystem and empower Underrepresented Populations!

The Science Magnified Impact

  • 10
  • 100’s
    of Schools
  • 1,000,000

Science Magnified Licensed Programming has visited over 30 counties and 300 schools! We customize programs to align with each school district’s science curriculum.

  • Do you have a mission or project, aimed at benefiting our youth?
  • Would you like assistance maximizing your impact?

Science Magnified has helped create 100’s of programs for public and private schools, scouts, churches and other youth organizations. We’re always looking to form and facilitate new partnerships, magnifying the results. Together, we can be greater than the sum of our parts! Contact us today and let’s get started!

For Corporations, Philanthropists and other Educational Stakeholders

Our Partners In Education

Our P.I.E. program is designed to recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate an amazing commitment to children. To help our youth understand and truly appreciate science, takes your help. Together, we can take the mystery out of the “hows” and “whys” in our everyday world.

Interested in bringing Science Magnified’s programming to your local schools?

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