Exciting Announcement!

After teaching over 500,000 elementary students this past decade, we’re embarking on a new mission:

Science Magnified is partnering with educational organizations (school districts, private Partners-in-education_Junior-sci-academyschools, charter schools, magnet schools, etc.) to help create and highlight Junior Scientist Academies.

What is a Junior Scientist Academy?

A Junior Scientist Academy, is a school serving elementary aged students, that makes a commitment to engaging ALL students in additional science experiences, provided by science specialists. These experiences MUST be:

  • FUN and Safe,
  • Age appropriate and Hands-On,
  • Inquiry Based and Contain real world relevance,
  • And, ALL students must have the opportunity to participate on a quarterly basis.

Our lofty, but attainable goal is to partner with school systems, administrators, teachers, parents and students … to change the world by providing every child with the tools to be successful.

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